Darmanin welcomes record amounts for the fight against tax fraud in 2019

Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 – “Les Echos”, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts welcomed the stabilization of debt and insisted on the 40 billion tax cuts over time. of the five-year term.

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts.

“The 2020 budget is the budget for lowering taxes”, especially for “Those who work”. Guest of the Grand Rendez-vos Europe 1 – “Les Echos” – CNews, and two days after the presentation of the draft budget for 2020, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin once again insisted on the 40 billion tax cuts over the duration of the five-year term. “It is unprecedented in the history of the Republic. “

While the Medef accuses the government of not reducing public spending and that the budget deficit of the state alone is expected to remain next year at very high levels, the minister preferred to boast a public deficit forecast at 2.2% of GDP in 2020 “The lowest for 20 years”.

A debt that “does not drop much”

Ditto for the public debt. Gérald Darmanin admitted that she does not “Not much drop” (debt is expected to drop from 98.8% of GDP in 2019 to 98.7% in 2018) but he welcomed the fact that it has stabilized “Even though the SNCF debt was added to it”. Certainly, “We must continue our efforts”, he continued, but if the French Treasury borrows at very low rates, “Is that the bankers consider that we are a serious country”.

Regarding tax fraud, Gérald Darmanin indicated that “2019 will be the year when the French tax authorities have made the most tax evaders pay”. A performance resulting from the withholding tax which allows better tax collection, the anti-fraud law, adopted a year ago, and more IT resources, “Roughly speaking, artificial intelligence put at the service of tax control”. In passing, Gérald Darmanin specified that the 965 million euros paid by the American internet giant Google to settle its tax disputes in France will be allocated to the 2019 fiscal year.

Political quack

The minister also returned to the political quack at the start of the week, the fact that the government had given up depriving seniors of an exemption from social contributions for the employment of a home help, 24 hours after having announced it. . Gérald Darmanin immediately recognized a “Collective fault of the government”. “This measure has been misunderstood but basically it poses fairly fundamental questions that we will have to ask ourselves. In particular that of dependence ”, he nevertheless qualified.

Finally, on his political future, Gérald Darmanin conceded that he “Thought” to the municipal authorities in Tourcoing, a city of which he was mayor between 2014 and 2017, but which he would not rule on until February. And to slide as a clue: “I think it is better for politicians and members of government to walk past voters […] within range of shouts ”…

Previously, at the very beginning of the program, Gérald Darmanin praised the career of Jacques Chirac, the fifth president of the Fifth Republic who died on Thursday: “We must remember the contradictions, no doubt in the career, but a very strong common thread of a Chirac who listens to the people and manages to both listen to Corrèze and Paris. “

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