Notaries: second rate reduction since the Macron law

After the implementation of a new regulation resulting from the Macron law, the prices of regulated professions will drop on May 1. The prices for notarial acts will decrease by an average of 2.5%. The registration of a PACS will cost half as much as before.

Notaries will see the fees for their acts decrease on average by 2.5%.

The provisions of the Macron law will have taken a long time to produce their effects on competition in regulated professions. But the decree published this Saturday in the “Official Journal” and several decrees resulting from it undoubtedly mark a major step in this long process. By these texts, the State specifies the new methodology for calculating prices, as well as the tariffs which will apply from May 1.

First and foremost concerned by the reform, notaries will see the fees for their acts decrease on average by 2.5%, a decrease which is cumulative with a first reduction of 2.5% recorded in 2016. In detail, prices will fall on average by 1.9% for all acts, in addition to a symbolic gesture on two acts: the registration of a PACS, the price of which will be halved, and, in real estate, the release of a mortgage.