Solidarity Fund: additional aid of 2,000 euros for VSEs threatened with bankruptcy

One of the orders presented this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers will concern the solidarity fund intended to help very small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed persons suffering a drop in their activity due to the coronavirus crisis.

The objective of the solidarity fund is to prevent thousands of very small, independent or micro-enterprises from going bankrupt.

Avoid that thousands of very small businesses, self-employed or micro-businesses go out of business. This is the objective of the solidarity fund which the government announced the creation in mid-March and which will be able to provide a fixed monthly aid of 1,500 euros per month to allow them to weather the storm. The ordinance that will allow it to be put in place is one of 25 presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. It will provide further details on the system which will be put in place for three months, possibly renewable for three more months.

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