Upheaval in sight in the rates of notaries

While the Macron law has not triggered the expected drop in prices in the rates of notaries, the state is preparing to publish a decree setting a new method of calculating prices. All regulated professions are concerned.

The cost of notarial transactions has hardly changed, or even increased, as shown by the parliamentary mission responsible for evaluating the Macron law.

It will soon be the truth of the prices on the tariffs of the regulated professions. Notaries, bailiffs, court administrators or even commercial court clerks will be imposed, as of March 1, new tariffs, a consequence of the Macron law, five years after its adoption. After intense discussions with representatives of these professions, Bercy and the Ministry of Justice are preparing to publish a decree which will define a new method of calculating prices.

These terms will replace the average 2.5% drop decided in the wake of the Macron law, the initial ambition of which was to “break rents” and open access to these professions. Regarding notaries, the reform has fulfilled its objective of opening up, since France now has more than 6,200 offices, or 36% more than in 2015.