Coronavirus: a weekly minimum of telecommuting days when possible

A new version of the health protocol for companies applicable from next week will be published this Friday. Employers will be asked to define a minimum number of teleworking days per week for positions that allow it. The subject should be discussed with the staff representatives.

Companies will have to discuss the modalities of teleworking with employee representatives.

He hadn’t changed since mid-September. In the aftermath of the announcement by the Head of State of the establishment of a curfew in several large metropolises, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, and the Secretary of State for Occupational Health, Laurent Pietraszewski , presented to employers and unions on Thursday morning the changes they want to make to the health protocol applying in companies to protect employees in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Online Friday

Employers and unions had until the evening to transmit their observations on the future text, the new version to be posted online Friday for application from next week. After the obligation to wear a mask except in individual offices imposed at the start of the school year, no new radical measure in perspective.

“There is an observation shared with the social partners of the effectiveness of the protocol”, underlined Elisabeth Borne, specifying that since the end of the confinement, there has been “More than 50,000 interventions by the labor inspectorate and 300 formal notices”. No revolution, therefore, but « adaptations », she clarified.

The main one will focus on teleworking. “Businesses and the public service are invited to develop teleworking”, said the Prime Minister on Thursday, invoking, like the Head of State before him, a question of ” common sense “. There is no question of a return to 100% generalized as during confinement but that all those who can – ” when it’s possible “, insists the executive – can telework part of the time.

According to a survey carried out by Harris Interactive on October 13 and 14 among 518 employees for the Ministry of Labor, whose results Elisabeth Borne presented to the social partners, half of them believe that their employer encourages them to telework; 60% are in high alert zones and 72% among employees whose activity is compatible with teleworking. In detail, 59% of employees who teleworked in the last week did so for two or three days, a proportion which is slightly higher in high alert zones. At the Ministry of Labor, we see a signal «Positive», “Even if there is room for improvement”.

In areas subject to curfew, employers will be required to set “a minimum number of days of teleworking per week, for positions which allow it “, specifies the draft protocol sent to the social partners which also obliges them in this case to stagger the departure and arrival times of employees. They will simply be “Incited” to do it “In other areas”.

No “rule of six”

“The methods of implementation, for example the number of days of teleworking, must be the subject of a social dialogue within the company”, underlined Elisabeth Borne in front of the press. The next version of the protocol will, however, not say a word about the «rule of six » concerning in restaurants and now family and friendly reunions (no more than six people together) said the minister. “It applies in activities where a mask is not worn, but the health protocol requires the wearing of a mask in all enclosed and shared spaces”, she explained.

For the public service, Jean Castex announced that “Throughout the territory, whenever this can be reconciled with the requirements of the service, the administrations will integrate into the organization of work […] whenever possible two to three days of teleworking ».