Coronavirus: during the epidemic, worried employees but who face

A study carried out by Ifop for Malakoff Humanis looked at work during the Covid era in the private sector. Eight out of ten employees say they are aware of the mobilization of their company to preserve their health and their jobs, two subjects on which they ask it to commit for the future.

The fear of losing their job and the financial difficulties caused by the drop in activity are stronger among workers.

So far, all is well … No less than 82% of employees “Feel that their state of health is good”, according to the study on work during the Covid period that Ifop carried out for Malakoff Humanis after confinement. This is surprisingly more than in 2019, when the proportion was two-thirds.

But if the time of confinement was marked for many by a return on oneself, leading many of them to be more attentive to their hygiene of life, behind this optimism, concerns point: while 6% of the employees declare to have been affected by mourning linked to the epidemic, nearly one in two declares themselves mentally and physically tired, shows this survey carried out in June and July with 3,500 employees via the Internet and presented exclusively by “Les Echos”.