Hospital: new financial boost for caregivers

Hospital staff who forgo the All Saints holidays will receive a bonus. And the second tranche of the revaluation of wages decided during the “Ségur de la Santé” will be brought forward before the end of the year.

Olivier Véran

The second wave of coronavirus has arrived, but the heroes are “Tired”, as Jean Castex underlined during his press conference this Thursday. The Prime Minister has therefore announced several financial gestures to re-motivate hospital caregivers this fall. Despite the “Covid bonus” and the first salary increases, they were disillusioned and unconvinced by the scale of the July “Ségur de la Santé” measures, to the point of calling for a new day of mobilization this Thursday.

In the immediate future, hospitals need additional staff. In the Paris region, where 46% of intensive care beds are already occupied by Covid patients, the director of Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris, Martin Hirsch, last week asked volunteer caregivers to give up their All Saints leave. . In support of the establishments which call for help, everywhere on the territory, Jean Castex announced a compensatory allowance for leave not taken, of 110 to 200 euros gross per day for the personnel concerned.

An envelope of 100 million additional credits will also be delegated to regional health agencies in order to put a little oil in the wheels of human resources management in an epidemic phase.

Accelerated Ségur upgrades

Above all, the Prime Minister confirmed that the second tranche of salary increases of the “Ségur de la santé” would be paid earlier than expected. These 93 euros net monthly will appear on the payroll of the 2 million caregivers in the hospital and in nursing homes. ” before the end of the year “, instead of March 2021. “We do this to recognize the work of these staff and strengthen the attractiveness of the hospital”, explained Jean Castex.

The payment of the first tranche of 90 euros has already been advanced to September instead of January, with a budgetary cost of 800 million euros for hospitals and 300 million for nursing homes in 2020. However, some caregivers have not yet given the color of these salary increases, either because they work in the private sector, where salary negotiations could not begin until after the signing of the “Ségur agreements”, or because the bonus will not appear on their payroll only at the end of October, due to administrative delays.