Thibaut Guilluy, the government’s youth plan gentleman

Three and a half months after the reshuffle, Thibaut Guilluy was appointed this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers High Commissioner for employment and business engagement. In particular, it will work on the insertion of clauses favoring hiring or very small businesses in State calls for tenders.

Thibaut Guilluy has been appointed High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement

To the repeated calls to impose counterparts to the billions of the recovery plan, the government considers that the answer passes, in particular, by the insertion of clauses favoring the hiring or the VSE in the calls for tenders of the State. Bercy is preparing for this a reform of the public procurement code for the first quarter of 2021.

“Even if we can already do a lot of things, it is a question of moving from a financial logic to a logic of social impact”, explains Thibaut Guilluy, appointed this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement, and responsible for participating on behalf of the Ministry of Labor in the drafting of the bill.

The Ministry of Labor, moreover, took its time to clarify the future of the former High Commissioner for Inclusion in Employment and Company Engagement, three and a half months having elapsed. elapsed for its new roadmap to be published, the previous one only dating from March. The abandonment of the term “inclusion” from its title reflects the transfer of its scope of all public policy to the very discreet Minister of Integration, Brigitte Klinkert: adapted companies, integration through economic activity or even future public service employment.

Second line workers

Thus “stripped”, Thibaut Guilly becomes in a way, under the responsibility of Elisabeth Borne, the young man plan of the Ministry of Labor, responsible for spreading the good word and explaining the measures to those concerned but also to companies. “A plan is not just about legislation. We have to create a dynamic. What interests me are the results ”, he explains, on the strength of his profile as a social entrepreneur for twenty years.

To do so, presentation meetings will be organized in each region like the one that has just taken place in Lens with testimonies from the club “France a chance, companies engage” in front of an audience of employers, representatives of the public employment service or the prefect. A portal to facilitate job search and training in sectors carrying the recovery plan (ecology, care and digital) is planned, as well as an initiative to federate the large number of hiring meetings (“job dating”). ).

Thibaut Guilluy’s roadmap places more emphasis on alternative forms of employment for posted work, employers’ groups for example, in parallel with consultation on the subject with the social partners.

Also targeted, improving the conditions of employment of so-called second-line workers, whose fate came to light during confinement. Here again, the subject is on the social agenda set by Matignon. “Quickly noticeable gains should be sought”, asked Elisabeth Borne.