Towards an increase in the remuneration of home help professionals

The government plans at this stage to put 200 million euros on the table, with the departments, to increase remuneration in the care and home help sector. The MPs of the majority want to go further and are listening to professionals who claim more than 500 million.

Home help professionals are now all paid at the minimum wage, to around fifty euros, while they previously received up to a third more than the minimum wage.

Are we finally going to find the means to upgrade the backlog of home help jobs? For several weeks, the majority deputies have been mobilizing to obtain additional funds from the government.

Negotiations are underway, before the tabling of an amendment for the vote in session on first reading of the social security financing bill for 2021, next week. For now, according to several sources, 200 million euros are on the table, half of which is funded by the departments. But the deputies have heard the professionals who claim more than 500 million euros and hope to obtain an additional extension.