The management world is torn apart by the resumption of major trade fairs

Each year, the Patrimonia fair attracts several thousand management professionals to Lyon. Scheduled for the start of the school year, its 2020 edition is shaken by health fears related to the coronavirus, and by tensions between associations of wealth management advisers.

Exhibitors' hall, during the 20th edition of Patrimonia, convention of heritage professionals.

It’s a bit like the Cannes festival of the management industry. Patrimonia, the sector’s first back-to-school meeting, has been the scene of an unusual battle for several weeks. After confirming the holding of its 2020 edition on October 1 and 2, as every year in Lyon, it found itself confronted with public positions taken by certain partners who decided to bypass this time. What set off a real storm in the very hushed world of wealth management advisers (CGP), with the publication of forums and press releases peppered with accusations of “treason” for the benefit of a competing show scheduled for December.

7,500 people over two days

The stake is significant. Patrimonia, organized by InfoPro, is one of the oldest and largest trade fairs in the profession. Last year, it attracted 7,500 people and around 300 exhibitors at the Lyon convention center over two days. Overnight stays in hotels, catering, private evenings organized on the sidelines of the conference by certain exhibitors… The event also irrigates the city’s tourist sector. Business tourism as a whole thus represents nearly two-thirds of hotel nights in Lyon, according to the president of the tourist office. The controversy around Patrimonia risks casting a shadow over all those that must follow by the end of the year.

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The show organizer has implemented specific health measures to reassure exhibitors and visitors. Enlargement of aisles, marking on the ground, provision of masks and hydro-alcoholic gel, regular communication with health authorities and exhibitors… Insufficient to reassure all players in the sector. The president of the Union of Wealth Management Consultants, which brings together more than 1,000 CGP, announces on June 19 that “its members will not be present” at the 2020 edition of the show, followed a few days later by the National Chamber CGP, which has 2,900 members.

The fragmented PMC sector

Communications that stirred up the particularly fragmented world of CGP. The Anacofi and the Compagnie des CGP, two other professional organizations, then announced their support for the event. The honorary president of the latter went so far as to sign a vitriolic forum criticizing the decision of the two professional organizations, in particular denouncing the fact that the CNCGP co-founded the BFM Patrimoine fair, organized in December in Paris for 3 years, during which it holds its annual congress. Insinuations contested by the CNCGP, which considers the two events as “complementary but not competing”, and underlines that it plans to participate in other events during the month of November, some of which are managed by the organizer of Patrimonia.

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The decision not to participate in this show was taken following the withdrawal of managers and insurers, she insists, and it does not represent an “instruction intended for our members”. Certain professionals evoke, beyond health considerations, a desire to reduce costs on the part of certain exhibitors. But the episode left its mark. Several managers subsequently communicated their presence or absence at the show, including the French Management Association, which this week expressed its support for the event. However, the number of confirmed exhibitors at Patrimonia is for the moment down sharply compared to previous years. One thing is certain, the unfolding of the show will be closely scrutinized by the entire sector.