Fintech: Pennylane raises 15 million euros to launch real-time accounting software

The young shoot, which had already raised 4 million in May, is launching a subscription-based offer (SaaS) for business leaders and accountants. The objective: to help them better manage their cash flow.

Pennylane was founded by several alumni of the start-up PriceMatch, such as Arthur Waller.

If there’s one thing you can say about the Beatles song “Penny Lane”, it’s that once you’ve heard it, you always have it in mind. When he thinks about the future of accounting, Arthur Waller dreams of the same thing for his start-up, which bears almost the same name: to make it a “hit” that companies and accountants will become addicted to.

“Pennylane’s objective is to help VSE and SME managers to regain control of their finances, explains Arthur Waller, the co-founder of this Paris-based fintech. More concretely, we help them invoice and collect their customers, monitor the payment of their suppliers and manage their cash flow from a single place. The data is complete and reliable, allowing bosses to work directly with their accountants. “