The ten key events for banks and insurers in 2021

After a year turned upside down by the pandemic, 2021 promises to be just as busy for the financial industry. On the front line in the face of the crisis, with loans guaranteed by the State, banks risk facing a wave of defaults in an already trying context. Like insurers, they suffer in particular from low rates.

The European Central Bank has asked banks to report on the impact of the crisis on their provisions to cover non-repayments and on their equity.

January 20: what remuneration for life insurance

Savers looking for yield may be disappointed. In the coming weeks, French people with a life insurance contract will be informed of the rate used for 2020. Already last year, the average return on euro funds plunged by just under 40 basis points. , at 1.46%, according to the French insurance gendarme (ACPR), a dropout ” unprecedented “. Given the persistently low interest rates, the decline should continue. A monitored player in the market given its some 760,000 members, the Afer association should reveal the rate of its life insurance contract on January 20. Reputed to be generous to its members, the organization at the heart of the debates on the sale of Aviva France (its partner) announced last year a net return of 1.85% in 2019, against 2.25% in 2018.