The US Treasury sanctions Crédit Agricole’s participation

The Treasury imposed a fine on the Union of Arab and French Banks, in which Crédit Agricole is a 47% shareholder, for violating sanctions on Syrian entities.

OFAC fined the Union of Arab and French Banks for violating an embargo with Syrian entities.

The US Treasury Department is not done with French banks. OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), its armed wing in charge of international sanctions, has just imposed a fine against a Franco-Arab subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, the UBAF (Union of Arab and French Banks ). Very discreet, this establishment of which the Green Bank is the main shareholder (at 47%) has been a historical player in international trade between France, the Middle East, Africa and Asia since its creation in 1970 by public banks. French (including Crédit Lyonnais) and 25 countries in the Arab world. The bank has been invested in Libya for a long time.

Under investigation for more than five years, UBAF agreed to pay $ 8.57 million to OFAC to close 127 civil lawsuits related to its dollar transactions with Syrian financial institutions between 2011 and 2013, for a total of over $ 2 billion. Some 114 of them amounted to $ 1.3 billion, in the form of internal transfers or foreign exchange transactions with Syrian entities under US sanctions. Other transactions concerned letters of credit for the benefit of these entities.