Carson Block (Muddy Waters): “We are both crusaders and capitalists”

Carson Block, founder of the activist fund Muddy Waters, is a short seller, who makes money by betting on falling stocks, exposing problems in the management or the accounts of a company. At the heart of the battle between American stock marketers and short sellers, especially on GameStop, he has already reduced his positions in the United States. In France, he is known to have denounced the appetite of Rallye, the holding company of Casino, for financial engineering, and recently for his accusations against Solutions 30. Meeting with the wolf of San Francisco.

Carson Block is known in France for its short positions on the titles of the Casino galaxy and on Solutions 30.

What do you think of these stock marketers who attacked short sellers on the GameStop title, and its repercussions on other stocks? Do you have any impacted positions?

For years, excess monetary stimulus resulted in a misallocation of capital. One of the games going on is chasing short sellers. As a result, we have significantly reduced our short positions [qui parient sur la baisse du titre, NDLR] in the USA. It became clear to us this week that this trend could spread to Europe. We therefore made the decision on Wednesday to significantly reduce all of our non-US short positions.