Stock marketers set their sights on money, propelled to its highest level since 2013

After having wrung out short sellers on stocks like GameStop, individuals are attacking banks through the money market. The precious metal jumped to over $ 30 an ounce.

Between 1979 and 1980, an ounce of silver rose to more than $ 50 during a historic speculation orchestrated by the Hunt brothers.

Amateur investors, white-hot on the social network Reddit, have new prey in their sights. After having wrung out the hedge funds which practice the short sale on small values, the stock marketers now want to bend the banks on the money market. As early as last Wednesday, the precious metal, which fuels conspiracy theories like gold, was mentioned in the r / WallStreetBets conversation on Reddit.

According to one of the most popular theories on the social network, banking establishments are manipulating silver prices to keep them artificially low in order to mask the shortage of metal and hide real inflation. One of the members of the forum believes that to increase the price of silver would amount to making “THE MOST IMPORTANT SQUEEZE SHORTS IN THE WORLD” (in capital letters in the post). The community has taken these calls to invest very seriously, especially since trading in stocks like GameStop or AMC has been restricted on the very popular Robinhood app.