Three things to know about Reddit, the social network that is shaking Wall Street

It brings together diverse communities of enthusiasts around areas of interest ranging from finance to manga, science and sport. One of its forums, WallStreetBets, which specializes in risky investments, succeeded last week in bringing investment funds to their knees.

Created in 2005 by Steve Huffman, its current CEO, Alexis Ohanian and Aaron Schwarz, Reddit brings together communities of enthusiasts.

Internet users discussing on the Reddit forum arrived, last week, to worry the very powerful American Federal Reserve. Stock marketers have indeed encouraged each other to buy shares of the video game distributor Gamestop, one of the titles most attacked by hedge funds who bet so far on a drop in its price.

The result ? A stock price multiplied by sixteen for GameStop since the beginning of the year, losses amounting to several billion dollars for investment funds and increased volatility, which worries the financial markets.