WallStreetBets: after the euphoria, the difficult awakening of stock marketers

The losses run into the thousands of dollars for many small carriers. Some have even seen millions evaporate from their trading accounts in a matter of days. The front unity has given way to divisions between hardliners against hedge funds and savers worried about their future.

On WallStreetBets, stock marketers now publish their portfolio losses.

Global markets kicked off February with a bang, but for WallStreetBets stock marketers, it’s been a cold shower. The rout of the favorite stocks of amateur traders in recent days has had very real consequences on their portfolios. Calls to continue the fight against hedge funds are flooding the forums, but some have preferred to pack their bags.

On the forum of the Reddit site, GameStop fans blame it: the price of the video game distributor has fallen by more than 80% in recent days. The title which traded at more than 400 dollars is now struggling to stay above 90 dollars. The losses are even higher for amateur investors who joined late: many spent more than $ 300 per GameStop share.