WallStreetBets this heterogeneous community at the origin of the revolt around Gamestop

The forum which organized the revolt of stock marketers against Wall Street brings together both apprentice traders attracted by profit, activists, gamers or even “trolls” with dubious jokes. Its founder has moreover dissociated himself from the movement. Originally, he only wanted to unite a community of investors.

The WallStreetBets forum exceeded 7 million members this weekend.

“Degenerates”, “retarded”, as they describe themselves, geeks who have their own codes, their references, their slang and revere Web culture. Lovers of letters will go their way: the WallStreetBets forum, on Reddit, is not the place to handle figures of speech and you can quickly be lost in the face of the flow of messages scrolling on the screen .

As on all Reddit forums, we find all types of members and ideologies: “gamers” who wanted to make GameStop, the video game seller, an example, not really revolutionary punters who played themselves on declining values ​​before taking the hedge funds to their own game, activists who have sworn to put Wall Street in front of its contradictions, ordinary citizens, “trolls” who spread sexist or homophobic jokes, lovers of theories of the plot …