Why the revolt of small investors will continue to animate Wall Street

The tension eased in the markets: the securities of companies prized by stock marketers came back to earth as hedge funds retreated. But the abundance of liquidity, which has fueled the rebellion of small carriers, is here to stay.

The GameStop action has fallen like a bellows in recent days: at nearly 100 dollars at the end of Tuesday afternoon, it has already given up more than 70% compared to its high point.

Has the GameStop bubble ever burst? The storm that rocked the markets last week has faded. The action of the video game brand has fallen like a bellows in recent days: it was evolving around 110 dollars at the time of the closing in Europe on Tuesday. It has already dropped more than 70% from its high point, but still enjoys a high valuation of around $ 8 billion. Other bets on the WallStreetBets forum were also struggling, notably the movie theater chain AMC, down more than 60% over the past four sessions.

The restrictions placed by online brokers on these securities calmed the enthusiasm of the crowd of stock marketers. On Twitter, some of them complained about their extension to European platforms, including Revolut.