IBM Japan announces digital service platform for financial services

On June 16th, IBM Japan announced the “Open Sourcing Strategy Framework”, a comprehensive framework for promoting the solution of management-level issues for digital transformation together with customers in the financial industry, and “for financial services” as its core solution. Digital Services Platform for Financial Services (DSP) ”was announced.

The open sourcing strategy framework consists of five components: front desk services, digital services, business services, public clouds for financial services, new work style practices and human resource development / communities.

In addition, the solution to promote the open sourcing strategy will be provided as an open platform that adopts open architecture, open standards, and open source, avoiding vendor lock-in and exclusive partnerships with specific companies, and cross-industry. , The same industry (banks), FinTech companies, solution partners, local IT integrators, etc., will form an ecosystem where each unique initiative can be utilized mutually.

  • Overview of

    Overview of “Open Sourcing Strategy Framework”

DSP is the first step to promote an open sourcing strategy framework, and is a solution that provides industry-wide services openly and stably in the cloud for financial services.

It consists of three parts: business microservices, backbone cooperation function, and DSP platform. Business microservices are common service parts for executing services such as authentication, notifications, account inquiries, transfers, and fund transfers. As of May, 81 types of APIs are available, and we plan to expand to 147 types by the end of the year and 181 types by March 2021.

Business microservices can develop new business quickly and flexibly by plug-in method without being aware of the core system by using the core system cooperation function, and DSP is on Red Hat OpenShift. Because it is developed in, it realizes “Build once and run anywhere” and can run on any system platform such as on-premises and public cloud.

Furthermore, in the future, by opening DSP to user companies and solution companies, it intends to promote mutual use of financial applications in free competition. The company has developed DSP and will provide managed services (DSP platform) on a secure high availability cloud platform using the public cloud “IBM Cloud” from March 2021.

Based on the experience of providing IBM Cloud for major banks and the knowledge of financial regulation compliance represented by FISC’s safety measure standards, the DSP platform took security measures in terms of network, communication / data confidentiality, operation, etc. We recommend a multi-tenant method for providing the environment and operating the infrastructure, but we will operate the infrastructure in a bank-specific or shared format, such as building a dedicated environment on-premises or on the multi-cloud according to the user’s request. You can also do it.

  • Overview of Digital Services Platform for Financial Services

    Overview of Digital Services Platform for Financial Services

Mr. Akio Yamaguchi of IBM Japan said, “We thought that providing the platform that customers needed would bring the greatest benefits, so we built it. We made considerable preparations.”

In the future, the company will expand the use of DSP to banks using shared systems and promote the sharing of shared systems to innovate into competitive systems and is an open sourcing strategy framework. We plan to announce the efforts of the five components one by one.