Kyodo Printing, continuous customer management support service for financial institution money laundering measures

Kyodo Printing began offering continuous customer management services to financial institutions on the 5th to help prevent money laundering and counter terrorist financing.

  • Image of continuous customer management support service (from the company's materials)

    Image of continuous customer management support service (from the company’s materials)

In addition to sending DMs in printed matter, the company also provides an account opening web application for financial institutions, and has a track record of being able to interact with customers regardless of whether they are online or offline. The company’s new service, “Continuous Customer Management Support Service,” makes use of these achievements to reduce the burden and cost on financial institutions that require prevention of money laundering and measures against terrorist financing. It is intended to support the construction of a system that realizes continuous customer management. The following four features are listed.

1. Operation by a web application that greatly reduces the load and deficiencies of customers 2. Customer survey question design and processing flow construction that are easy for financial institutions to introduce 3. Realize inventory-less by DM shipping by POD 4. Business operation in a high security environment

The company responds to needs by touching on the “Guidelines for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Countermeasures” published by the Financial Services Agency and the activities of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), a framework of governments of major countries. To that end, it states that continuous customer management according to risk is important.