Okasan Securities adopts Salesforce to break away from personal information management and promote business transformation as an engine to realize high-value investment proposals

Okasan Securities Institutional Investor Sales Department has introduced “Salesforce Sales Cloud” as a basis for customer information management with the aim of providing services and strengthening investment proposals that meet the needs of corporate customers. Information and knowledge that have been managed by the person in charge or by department are collected. By sharing across departments, we aim to create an environment where customers can take a strategic approach as an organization.

It is expected that digital technology will continue to drastically change the traditional methodologies and rules of business, but in order to continue to be competitive, we will maximize the power of digital and create new business value. It is important to create it. Okasan Securities is a company that actively promotes such efforts as the core company of the Okasan Securities Group, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. Based on the medium-term management plan, the company, which provides services to manage assets that meet customer needs, has been working to utilize digital technology with the aim of changing both the way employees work and the style of communication with customers. rice field.

Personalization of customer information is an obstacle to high-value proposals

Providing information and making investment proposals to institutional investors who manage large-scale funds collected from customers is an important task for securities companies. At Okasan Securities, the Institutional Investor Sales Department, which oversees sales to institutional investors, aims to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs in response to changes in social conditions and strengthen proposal capabilities throughout the organization. Was introduced. Toshimitsu Inui, Executive Officer in charge of the Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of the Institutional Investor Sales Department, said:

Photograph of Mr. Toshimitsu Inui, Executive Officer in charge of Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of Institutional Investor Sales Department, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

Mr. Toshimitsu Inui, Executive Officer, Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of Institutional Investor Sales Department, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

“Our main business is equity research sales. The point of differentiation is how much value can be added through“ research ”rather than just communicating analyst reports. It is necessary to thoroughly understand our customers, customize the information in a form that suits each investment policy and style, and make proposals. “(Mr. Inui)

Conventionally, such information management for “thoroughly knowing the customer” has been performed personally. One of the reasons why the company aimed to integrate customer information with Salesforce was the sense of crisis that information management was done personally.

“Each person in charge manages information related to customers using spreadsheets, schedulers, etc. However, this method does not sufficiently transfer information when transferring, changing jobs, or leaving the company. It was not uncommon for the valuable relationships that we had built with our customers to disappear. In addition, by holding information in units such as persons in charge and departments, internal organizations collaborated to create strategic approaches. Making proposals was inefficient. “(Mr. Inui)

He said that he needed a customer information management platform that would allow him to systematically formulate strategies while sharing aggregated information among various departments, avoiding activities for customers and personalizing knowledge.

TerraSky, familiar with the business requirements of the financial industry, assists in the implementation

The requirements that the company sought for the new foundation were “very general,” Inui said. There was a desire to be able to centrally manage various financial products handled by the company, customers to approach, related information and tasks, etc. as simply as possible.

“The TerraSky representative has a wealth of experience in implementing Salesforce in other companies in the same industry, and was familiar with the business requirements specific to the securities industry, as well as the informatization movement of the entire industry. He also proceeded with a common understanding of the request “I want to manage”. Also, how to manage the important information of the customer and share it with the organization regarding the content of the demonstration presented at the time of proposal. It was a thoughtful consideration of how much it would take, and I felt that it was necessary for us now. “(Mr. Inui)

The Salesforce implementation project started in November 2020. Prototypes were created and adjusted by the end of 2020, and were released in production in February 2021.

The development was mainly carried out by Okasan Securities side scrutinizing the prototype created by TerraSky and modifying it according to the way of doing business in-house and the terms used in the company, but Salesforce It was difficult to grasp the function. Mari Shinobi, Deputy General Manager of Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of Hall Sales Planning Group, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd., said:

Photograph of Mari Shinobi, Deputy General Manager of Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of Hall Sales Planning Group, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

Mr. Mari Shinobi, Deputy General Manager of Institutional Investor Sales Department and General Manager of Hall Sales Planning Group, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

“To be honest, it was difficult to understand the system at first. How each function and screen of Salesforce is connected to the actual behavior of the sales person, what data should be viewed in the business, etc. I understood one by one from the part. “(Mr. Shinobi)

I also struggled with the process of linking the terms used in the prototype on Salesforce with the terms used internally by Okasan Securities so that salespeople wouldn’t be confused when using them.

“Salesforce terms and the terms we use internally are unique. Different definitions of terms will result in different system specifications. We can fill this gap and make the site as much as possible. We have made adjustments so that you can start using it without any discomfort. That is one of the reasons why we were able to achieve a smooth release. “(Mr. Shinobi)

Continuous improvement through on-site reactions-even signs of “good change”

It’s been a few months since the new customer information management platform by Salesforce went live. Taking advantage of Salesforce’s ease of development, we continue to improve the UI and functions based on feedback from field users.

“It’s not easy to use” and “it’s easier to use the conventional method” to the unfamiliar mechanism. However, basically, in our team, the option of “so don’t use” I have stated that there is no such thing, and I have been thinking about how to make it easier to use, and I have called for a set of suggestions. At the earliest, the improvement plan will be reflected in the production environment in a weekly time span. I think that such speedy improvement also leads to the motivation of the site to actively use the new system. (Mr. Inui)

As information input to Salesforce becomes a habit in the field and the amount of accumulated data increases, good changes are beginning to occur within the team.

“Currently, this customer information management system is only used within the Institutional Investor Sales Department, but some young sales representatives said,” Learn what your seniors are doing and use it in your own sales style. Some people are actively referring to the data, saying, “I want to make use of it.” (Mr. Shinobi)

Mr. Inui recalls his efforts so far, “I have always been careful not to introduce the system itself.”

“The purpose is not to” introduce the system “, but to make it an organization where the investors who are our customers feel that” Okasan Securities is useful “by utilizing the system. We would like to continue to develop this customer information management system as a central mechanism for it. “(Mr. Inui)

Share the system and knowledge company-wide and use it as a basis for providing value to customers

The customer information management system built this time is planned to be continuously improved and added functions in the future. Recently, it is said that it is considering cooperation with “Microsoft 365 (Outlook / Exchange)” that employees use as a tool for daily work.

“I think that if it becomes possible to link with Outlook, it will have a positive effect on on-site usability and data analysis. If the frequency of use and the amount of data increase, the quality and quantity of” awareness “that will be generated from it. As the next step, we would like to extend this system and knowledge for utilization not only to departments but also to the entire company. The more departments we use, the more value we can obtain from the data. Should also grow. “(Mr. Shinobi)

Okasan Securities expects to use Salesforce as an SFA (Sales Support System), and broker points are an extremely important index for securities companies to achieve business performance.* 1It has already been developed for cooperation with. If data is accumulated in the future, expectations will increase for its use as an SFA, such as the ability for sales staff to present optimal financial products and action plans for each customer.

Inui sees Salesforce as an “engine for business transformation.”

“As the world changes rapidly, it is necessary to know the needs of investors in more detail and develop business strategically as an organization. This time, the system built with Salesforce is strategic by the organization. I think that it will be an engine that will change the movements so that it can move. I would like to establish a method to effectively absorb “awareness” from this system and utilize it effectively. “(Mr. Inui)

(* 1) Points that serve as evaluation indicators from institutional investors. An increase in broker points will lead to an increase in transaction volume and, in turn, an increase in commission income.

  • Two-shot photo of Mr. Inui and Mr. Shinobi

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