OPTiM announces AI service with trained model application menu

On October 11, OPTiM has implemented it in addition to the package service “OPTiM AI Camera” that realizes problem solving unique to each industry with AI image analysis technology utilizing the AI ​​/ IoT platform service “OPTiM Cloud IoT OS”. Announced that it will start providing the quantitative data analysis service “OPTiM AI Prediction” that utilizes the knowledge of data analysis at the end of November.

AI Camera is a package service that collects data from various types of cameras installed by industry and purpose of use, such as stores and facilities, and utilizes trained models to perform general and specialized image analysis.

  • Overview of

    Overview of “OPTiM AI Camera”

The analysis of the conventional image analysis service requires a learning period, and it is difficult for the user to start the introduction at the required timing, and there is a problem that the cost is high.

AI Camera is a menu that applies a total of more than 300 types of learned models for 10 industries such as retail, food and drink, railway, banking, manufacturing, housing complex, public, airport, school, office building obtained by Cloud IoT OS. It is a service equipped with.

OPTiM President and CEO Shunji Sugaya said, “AI is entering a period of technological diffusion, but it has not penetrated the general market. The services we provide go beyond that barrier.” AI is the best in the world. Based on the concept of “becoming a company that puts it to practical use,” we aim to provide AI that is responsible for core business by demonstrating cost-effectiveness with actual economic benefits. “

  • Mr. Shunji Sugaya, President and CEO of OPTiM

    Mr. Shunji Sugaya, President and CEO of OPTiM

Regarding AI Camera, he said, “In the past, when introducing AI, it was necessary to prepare a learning model individually, but since we preset the learned model that we have built with our partners, we can start using it immediately. I can do it. “

In addition, the most needs and cost-effective functions of “security”, “improvement of business efficiency”, and “marketing” are installed as standard in the basic menu, and semi-customization (such as specifying the area of ​​the detection location with a camera) is possible. It can be purchased at OPTiM Store, including option menus and third-party AI services.

“AI Prediction” that provides a prediction model

On the other hand, AI Prediction is a service that analyzes the collected data and provides a prediction model of future trends in the actual operation of various AI data analysis such as FinTech, price fluctuation prediction, market trend prediction, security monitoring, etc. ..

As an example of utilization, “congestion prediction” and “store visitor number prediction” based on the measurement of usage status such as “congestion analysis”, “store visitor count”, “attribute count”, and “store passer count” with AI Camera. It is possible to provide “forecast” information such as “prediction of usage by attribute” and “prediction of the number of passersby in front of the store”.

By utilizing AI Prediction, it is possible to provide prediction services for data visualization, logs, and alerts acquired by AI Camera.

  • AI Prediction leverages AI Camera data

    AI Prediction leverages AI Camera data

The initial cost (hardware and kitting work for video analysis) starts from 450,000 yen (1 to 2 large cameras), the basic pack starts from 10,000 yen / unit, and the option menu starts from 5,000 yen / unit to 10,000. 5000 yen / unit, professional plan is an individual quote.

  • AI Camera Price

    AI Camera Price

In addition, AI Prediction includes basic forecasts such as simple forecasts and trend forecasts with camera detection data input in the AI ​​Camera Basic Pack, which includes highly accurate forecasts, weather, temperature, presence of competitor events, stock prices, exchange rates, and other economic impacts. Professionals who can input multiple factors that affect the above will be negotiable.

In addition, in the field-related work such as construction, production, transportation, and maintenance that we have already provided, we will use smart glasses, smartphones, and IoT devices to support remote work, work records, task management, and AI analysis. It has also been announced that the task management function using voice guidance and voice input and the smartphone version of the AI ​​voice analysis service “AI Voice Analytics Service” will be available within 2018.