Panasonic et al. To commercialize cross-industry platform utilizing biometric authentication

On August 2, JCB (JCB), Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), Panasonic System Solutions Japan, and Resona Holdings (Resona HD) launched a cross-industry platform “face recognition multi-channel platform” that utilizes biometrics. Announced that it will start studying for the conversion.

  • Outline of service cooperation of “face recognition multi-channel platform”

In the ultra-smart society realized by the Super City concept promoted by the Cabinet Office, we aim to create new value and improve convenience for consumers through advanced services and data linkage. In addition, Fuji Keizai has announced that the market forecast for biometrics based on facial recognition in 2023 will be 8.6 billion yen, which is about three times that of 2019.

Against this background, each company aims to create a new framework that enables cross-industry multi-channel service provision by building the platform. By accumulating the face image registered with the consent of the user on a common server and using it across industries, we will realize an environment where you can receive services speedily empty-handed.

As a company participating in the platform, there is an advantage that it can provide services without building infrastructure or storing biometric information in-house. In addition, as a user, there is an advantage that other services can be used seamlessly with the information registered at the time of identity verification.

Companies are envisioning that the platform will be used for banking Internet banking, various procedures at the counter, check-in of accommodation facilities, use of car sharing, entrance and exit of event venues, and payment at shops. In the future, it is said that it will consider further expansion, such as promoting the use of this platform to companies in various industries other than the above four companies.