Shinsei Bank, chat pot marketing tool utilizing conversation science

On December 6, Shinsei Bank introduced a chatbot-type marketing tool “SYNALIO” that utilizes “Conversation Tech” provided by Gibley on its website, and is a chat service that answers questions and consultations from individual customers. Announced that it will start.

According to the company, chatbots have been introduced as a customer support tool in the financial industry in recent years, but many of them are natural language input type free input types, so customers need to verbalize their worries and issues. It was said that there was. In order to solve that problem, the bank explained that it has adopted a “conversation option type” chatbot that proposes conversations from the chatbot side.

With the introduction of SYNALIO, the company will be able to build conversations with customers and provide Web content. Furthermore, by understanding the purpose of customer visits, needs, and degree of interest, it is expected that the service level for anonymous customers will be improved and marketing capabilities will be strengthened.

In addition, SYNALIO facilitates the introduction method of the service and the improvement process after introduction, and due to the nature of the conversation option type service, it does not require the long learning that is seen in general artificial intelligence type chatbots. It is possible to give a natural answer from the beginning of the service.

The bank is building and strengthening a new service system that integrates multiple channels in the retail field. The introduction of the chatbot this time is positioned not only as customer service but also as one of the important marketing channels, and we would like to actively utilize it.

In addition, in support of Gibley’s proactive efforts in the field of artificial intelligence and the efforts to contribute to society from the field of Conversation Tech toward the Society 5.0 era advocated by the Cabinet Office, we aim to become a leading company of Conversation Tech in the field of finance. He plans to work with Gibley.