What kind of work is a “dealer”? Introducing by scene such as automobiles, finance, and casinos!

When you hear the word “dealer” in your daily life, you probably think that there are many situations related to automobiles. However, the term dealer is also used in the financial industry and casinos.

In this article, we will explain the commonly used automobile-related, financial-related, and casino-related items, as well as their meanings when used in each case. Let’s learn so that you can use it appropriately according to the situation you need.

  • Let’s know the meaning of “dealer”

What does “dealer” mean?

“Dealer” means “dealer” in English. The English verb “deal” means “distribute, divide, deal (cards of playing cards)”, “deal” and so on. From there, “dealer” means “dealer, dealer,” “parent (of playing cards), person who deals bills.” Car dealers are referred to as “a car dealer”.

The term “dealer” in Japanese also means a distributor, a dealer, a parent (of playing cards), and a card distributor, as in English.

■ Meaning related to automobiles

When it comes to dealers in Japan, what most people feel most familiar with is the meaning of “dealers” such as automobiles. My job is to partner with a specific manufacturer for sales and maintenance.

Taking automobiles as an example, “Toyopet” is for dealers affiliated with Toyota, “Nissan Prince” is for dealers affiliated with Nissan, and “Honda Cars” is for dealers affiliated with Honda. I have. You may have seen the stores of these dealers as well.

■ Financial meaning

A financial dealer is a profession that manages its own funds to buy and sell stocks and bonds in the financial market while working for a bank or securities company. It is a job to pursue profits by moving a large amount of funds while watching the ever-changing market movements. It can be a loss, but it is also a profession where you can expect high returns.

■ Casino-related meaning

Dealers in casinos are game facilitators and entertainers. You have to entertain guests who come to the casino while playing the game, such as spinning roulette and dealing cards.

To work as a casino dealer, you need a high level of skill. To work as a dealer abroad, you may have to pass a skill review in that country to obtain a work permit. Although it is not well recognized in Japan, it is a profession that is drawing attention overseas.

  • “Dealers” used in various industries have various meanings, so it is necessary to distinguish them.

“Dealer” used to mean an authorized car dealer

Dealers used by car dealers are also called authorized dealers. My main job is to sell cars from affiliated manufacturers, carry out regular inspections, and handle repairs.

Of course, we only deal with specific manufacturers, so if you want to compare with cars from other manufacturers, you have to go to several dealers.

■ How is it different from a sub-dealer?

A sub-dealer is a retailer who purchases and sells products from the dealer, not the manufacturer. Since we do not have a direct contract with the manufacturer, we can purchase cars from various manufacturers from dealers.

Since you can set your own price, you may be able to set the selling price cheaper than at an authorized retailer. Since it is not an authorized dealer of the manufacturer, there may be differences in service content and service quality, or cheap parts from third manufacturers may be used instead of genuine parts, and there may be differences in the level of service. There will also be.

■ Advantages and disadvantages of using a “dealer”

Since the dealer is an authorized dealer, the quality and service are of a high level. Since we receive direct guidance from the manufacturer, there are many staff members with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it is an advantage that we can get a sense of security. You may also have your own insurance or warranty.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that we only handle cars from one manufacturer. Since it is a store that sells products from a specific manufacturer, if you are interested in products from other manufacturers, you have to go to the dealer that handles them. Therefore, if you want to choose from many options, it may take some time and effort.

■ Selling used cars as well as new cars

Some dealers sell used cars as well as new ones. If you want to reduce the financial burden as much as possible, you may consider purchasing a used car.

You can rest assured that you can use your car with confidence, as there may be a dealer warranty that allows you to replace parts for free for 1 to 3 years.

  • The meaning as an authorized car dealer is known as the most orthodox usage

“Dealer” used in a financial sense

I belong to a bank, securities company, insurance company, etc., and use my own funds to buy and sell stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, etc. We must closely observe and analyze market movements and pursue returns. It is not something that anyone can do, but knowledge and analytical skills related to the financial field and economy are required.

If you handle foreign currency, you will also have exchanges with foreign countries. In addition to being able to communicate in a foreign language, you also need the flexibility and physical strength to handle irregular working hours tailored to overseas markets.

■ How to become a financial dealer?

No special qualifications are required, but knowledge, experience and financial sense are required. If you want to be a financial dealer, you’ll need to study economics and finance at university and get a job at a bank, brokerage or insurance company.

After joining the company, you can start working as a financial dealer by gaining experience in various departments and being assigned to the dealing department.

■ Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a financial dealer

As mentioned earlier, you do not need any special qualifications to work as a financial dealer. It is a profession where you can expect high income if you have the ability, as it is often regardless of educational background or age.

A typical financial dealer consists of a base salary and incentives. If you can generate high profits in a short time, you will get a high reputation in the company and you will get an incentive. Also, if we can continue to make profits, it is not a dream not only to play an active role in the company but also to become independent.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to control working hours. Since we have to look at the economy from a global perspective, it is common for working hours to be early in the morning or late at night, depending on the overseas market. If you need to communicate with foreign countries, meetings and transactions may be held at irregular times due to the time difference.

■ How is it different from a trader?

There is a profession called “trader” in the profession related to the financial industry. I work for a bank or a securities company, but it means a job that does not use equity capital and acts as an intermediary for buying and selling. We do not buy or sell at our own discretion because we buy and sell according to the customer’s instructions and get a trading fee.

The difference between a financial dealer and a trader is whether or not to use equity capital and whether or not to buy or sell at your own discretion. It can be said that financial dealers have higher self-responsibility.

  • Financial dealers use their equity capital to buy and sell stocks at their own discretion.

“Dealer” in the casino

Amusement facilities and casinos where you can spend money on roulette and card games. The casino dealer is the facilitator of the casino game and the excitement as an entertainer.

In addition to turning the roulette wheel and handing out cards, it is also a job to liven up the place so that the people on the spot can have a good time. It is also part of my job to create a comfortable space by paying attention to customers’ orders for drinks and food.

■ How to become a casino dealer?

You are not eligible to become a casino dealer, but you must pass a skill review to get a job at a casino facility. One way to acquire specialized knowledge and skills is to attend a dealership school and work as an amusement casino staff member.

Casinos are not legalized in Japan, so if you work as a casino dealer at this time, you will probably be working abroad.

■ Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a casino dealer

You can work regardless of age or educational background, and since there is no retirement age, it is attractive that you can work at any age if you improve your skills. You can always ask for a level up, and it is expected that demand will increase in the future, so it will be a necessary human resource in the future.

Also, because many people visit the casino, you may meet people you wouldn’t be able to meet if you lived a normal life. If you like it at a casino where millionaires gather, you may be able to expect high income.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of working as a casino dealer is physical fitness. Many shops are open 24 hours a day, and working hours tend to be irregular. It’s a play that involves money, so if you have a customer who goes wild when you lose, you may feel mental stress.

  • Casino dealers have a job not only to advance the game but also to liven up the place

Let’s understand the meaning of the word dealer

The term dealer is often heard in car dealerships, but it is also used in the financial and casino industries. Because it is a word that is used in various situations, let’s understand the meaning of each and use it properly.

Clarify what kind of meaning you use in which situation, and facilitate communication in the business scene.