Why investment information media “Toushiru” achieved 21 million PV

Rakuten Securities’ investment information media “Toushiru”, which is based on the concept of making money and investment more accessible, achieved 21 million monthly PVs in December 2020, and 40,000 YouTube channel subscribers. It is said that it has exceeded. Why did it become so popular in Japan, where many people are not willing to invest? We asked Mr. Shigeo Takeda, Editor-in-Chief of Toushiru, about the secret.

  • Rakuten Securities’ investment information media “Tosil” has achieved 21 million monthly PVs

What is the relationship between Rakuten Securities and Toushiru?

Launched in July 2017, “Toushiru” is an investment education media that follows Rakuten Securities’ own media, but maintains its neutrality, from beginners to advanced investors. Mr. Shigeo Takeda has been active as the editor-in-chief of Toushiru since April 2016 after working for Sankei Shimbun Publications “Monthly Net Money”.

  • Mr. Shigeo Takeda, Manager, Customer Experience Department, Rakuten Securities, and Editor-in-Chief of “Toushiru”

It was said that the number of ordinary consumers of Rakuten Securities began to increase. Rakuten Securities was originally a securities company that was popular with intermediate and advanced users who frequently buy and sell financial products, such as day traders and swing traders, but as the economic zone of the Rakuten Group expands, users The layers began to fluctuate significantly.

In Japan, the hurdles for investment are still high, and it must be said that the provision of information on investment is for intermediate and advanced users, who have a lot of technical terms. However, the literacy of general investment beginners is that “I have opened an account but do not know what to buy.” Currently, about 70% of those who open an account with Rakuten Securities are new to investment. In order to push the back of such users, it was required to provide investment information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, there was another problem with the user interface of Rakuten Securities at that time. Transaction screens, catalog information, investment information, etc. were lined up together on the same Web page, and it was required to separate roles and live separately. Therefore, “Toushiru” started with the idea that “when issuing investment information for beginners, let’s make it even better into media.”

“Although it started from the marketing aspect, it is now changing to a medium that raises customer satisfaction,” said Takeda. Today, it is said to be a “platform that connects beginners and investments,” including potential users before opening an account, regardless of Rakuten Securities’ business.

Develop articles that emphasize reliability and are close to beginners

Toushiru, which has achieved 21 million monthly PVs, has set “easy-to-understand,” “interesting,” “sympathetic,” and “reliable” as its article production policy. The focus is on the final “reliable”.

“The image of investment is not very good in Japan.’Investing is kind of scary’, I think this is the reason why investment has not become popular in Japan. In Japanese financial information magazines so far, only the good points of investment I haven’t introduced it, but that’s not what you really wanted to know, “says Takeda.

If you search for the words “investment trust” or “stock management”, keywords such as “failure” and “risk” often appear as suggestions. At Toushiru, we estimate the psychology of such users and consider that negative information is important. It is said that it is developing articles that emphasize reducing user losses and failures.

“Actually, when you create content that includes the keyword” don’t do it, “it’s really read. Many people still have the feeling that they don’t want to lose, so I think that’s important.” (Mr. Takeda ).

What is “Ukeru” content in Toushiru?

Toushiru is a popular series of articles, and there are many of them. In particular, the “Shareholder Benefits” article by investor Hiroto Kiritani is extremely popular with readers, and its popularity is unabated. Keywords such as “shareholder benefits” and “high dividends” are the hits in Toushiru. Create articles by combining these with topics such as “100,000 yen stocks,” “NISA,” and “bargain growth stocks,” and if they are popular, they will be upgraded to serialization. With this flow, Toushiru has many popular serials.

“Until about two years ago, articles on US stocks weren’t a big hit, but last year the US market was so booming that it began to be read rapidly. The article “Dividend US Stocks” was read by many people. From this experience, he thought that there was a high need for specific stocks, and he wrote in the article by Mr. Warren Buffett, who had been popular for a long time. When I introduced the US stocks that I was paying attention to, it was also a hit. The keywords of articles such as 10,000 yen and high dividends are also conditions for screening when searching for stocks. Readers want to know the hint I think that’s what it is “(Mr. Takeda).

  • 21 million PV is said to be the result of various factors such as article composition, owned media characteristics, corona sickness, etc.

Mr. Takeda’s experience in editing money magazines is probably the reason why he can compose articles like this by combining current affairs keywords with keywords that are killer content and topping elements associated with them.

However, Mr. Takeda says that the reason for achieving 21 million PV is not only that, but “because it is owned media is a big factor.”

“Unlike the general media, we have information on customer issues, VOCs (customer voices), questionnaires, etc. There is always information that does not appear in Google Trends, so we You can create latent keywords and create articles in advance “(Mr. Takeda).

In addition, he added, “The impact of the Corona disaster is strong in 2020.”

“At the time of the corona shock in March last year, the number of monthly PVs peaked at 18 million, but until the end of the year, PVs could not easily exceed the peak in March.

After that, I imagine that the reason why I regained it is that the way I work has changed, everyone’s disposable time has increased, and the number of people who spend money has decreased, so I have more time to think of it as money to invest. Of course, in terms of money in the Corona era, anxiety itself was increasing, so we also provided content called “Know-how collection 100” with the three axes of “increase, decrease, and protect” in order to convey countermeasures. “(Mr. Takeda ).

On top of that, Mr. Takeda emphasized that “Toushiru always wants to be a neutral medium,” and “it is our belief that we do not bias in one direction.”

“For example, for” shareholder benefit “articles that are very popular with readers, we do not just recommend” index investment “that can generate stable profits by creating articles such as” anti-shareholder benefit theory “. I try to get readers to think about it by introducing the goodness of “active investment” “(Mr. Takeda).

How does Tosil set business goals?

Although Toushiru is an owned media operated by Rakuten Securities itself, it aims to provide information to readers from a more neutral standpoint. So how do you set KPIs (key performance indicators)?

Mr. Takeda explains, “Toushiru’s mission is mainly to improve investment literacy and support asset formation.” The former is for KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as a medium, and the latter is for a company called Rakuten Securities. Regarding the former KPI, it seems that it focuses on access to Web pages such as PV (number of page views), MAU (number of active users per month), visit frequency, migration rate, etc. This also hypothesizes that “getting more users to visit more often means that users spend more of their disposable time getting investment information, which should increase financial literacy.” It is set to.

On the other hand, the latter KPI is said to be indexed by Rakuten Securities’ account opening and direct and indirect contributions to transactions. Specifically, it is said that it investigates whether or not it is browsing Toushiru before ordering or executing financial products on analytics and refers to the numerical value.

Aiming to be a “media that eliminates money anxiety”

Mr. Takeda says, “I would like to promote the popularization of investment through Toushiru.” Securities companies such as Rakuten Securities have taken various measures to help beginners take the first step, but in the first place, the investment population of Japan is not high compared to other countries. It seems that it aims to be like a ladder between beginners and securities companies.

“When Japan’s investment population increased, it was Toushiru that triggered it … We are creating content so that we can become that kind of existence. Recently, the number of generations who can not read by articles alone is increasing. That’s why I started distributing videos on the YouTube channel. I hope that by reading it, I can become a medium that “investment literacy has increased” and “assets have increased” “(Mr. Takeda).

At present, Toushiru is focusing on “fanning” readers to differentiate themselves from other media. It is said that it aims to be a medium that loses if you do not read it, and gains if you read it. To that end, he is promoting the development of new UX and systems such as points.

“In my opinion, I think it’s better to invest. More and more young people are starting to invest, but the more people who invest, the more assets they have invested in. ..

When money goes into the investment market, it goes into the company, and the salaries of the employees who work there increase. This will allow for more investment, which will speed up the cycle, expand the assets of Japan as a whole, and increase our pensions. I hope that Toushiru will help to eliminate the “money anxiety” that leads to anxiety in the future. “(Mr. Takeda).

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